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Peregrine Academic Services

Online academic services to address your accreditation, regulatory, and accountability requirements.

Program Assessment Exams, Academic Leveling Courses, Writing Style Competency, Student Surveys, and Strategic Planning/Accreditation Consulting services.

A recognized, global leader for quality, customer service, and academic support services.

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Are you ready for the storm? - ACCOUNTABILITY
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Are you directly measuring learning outcomes at the program level?

Verify learning outcomes achievement with our program assessment services for business/business related degrees, accounting/finance programs, public administration, and early childhood education. Reports include topic, subtopic, and subject-level analyses for internal and external benchmarking.
Grad/Undergrad Business Program COMP Exam Brochure
Accounting/Finance Program COMP Exam Brochure
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Public Administration COMP Exam Brochure
Early Childhood Education COMP Exam Brochure
General Education Program-level Assessment Brochure
Reporting Examples and Analysis Brochure

Are you ready for the storm? - ACCOUNTABILITY
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Can you clearly demonstrate that you are bridging the gap between current student competency and your program requirements? Do you need an academic transitions course for students entering an MBA program?

With our Academic Leveling Courses, either as a course or program pre-requisite, you can ensure that your high standards of academic excellence and student preparedness are achieved.

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Are you ready for the storm? - COMPETENCY
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With our online APA Writing Style Training Course and Competency Exam, you can encourage your students and faculty to focus on content rather than style, ensuring quality writing for program accountability.

Stop the red ink and get back to quality in writing, not just style compliance.

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Are you ready for the storm? - ASSESSMENT
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Do you and the team need some assistance with charting the strategic direction of your academic program and meeting the strategic planning needs for program accreditation?

Consider the value of a professional, experienced facilitator to help guide you and your team through the challenging task of strategic planning.

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Are you ready for the storm? - APPLICATION
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Are you using program-level assessment exams that are specifically designed for universities outside of the US. Do you need online exam services provided in the student’s native language? Do you require that the reporting be in your native language?

Measure student retained knowledge, the change in learning, and your program-level learning outcomes with our CPC-based COMP exam services provided in several native languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Mongolian.

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Our exam services are approved by the ACBSP for Standard #4 (Measurement and Analysis of Student Learning and Performance) and accepted by the IACBE for Principle #1 (Outcomes Assessment).

Peregrine Academic Services provides a variety of services related to obtaining and sustaining program and university accreditation. Our service offerings are based on our personal experience with accreditation, academics, and program administration.

We understand that you have a choice in service providers. Our goal is to ensure that you make the right choice based on the most important considerations related to accreditation, program assessment, and your needs for continuous improvement.

At Peregrine Academic Services, our value-added services include:

  • Alignment of services with your learning outcomes
  • Accreditation experience as a site evaluator and accreditation manager
  • An academic background that includes instruction and program management at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels
  • Professionalism in all that we do with the highest regard for confidentiality and customer service
  • Flexibility to ensure the most precise match between what you need and what we provide
  • Inclusive, flexible, and sensible pricing without the hidden fees and add-on charges
  • Global academic experience and the ability to create country and/or regional aggregate pools for peer-level comparisons and benchmarking

No other provider of similar services has these credentials and experience when it comes to assisting you with your accreditation and higher learning needs.

If you need to address a variety of your stakeholders with quality assurance, then Peregrine Academic Services is the right choice. With customized solutions to meet most academic needs, we are confident that we are the right choice for you and your higher learning programs.

The CPC exams furnished by Peregrine were exactly what we were looking for in terms of a comprehensive exam that would enable us to measure student outcomes at both the undergraduate and graduate level. We believe that these tools and the results greatly assist us in the process of accredita...

David Russell, Ph.D.
Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator

Spring testing went well. Your people were outstanding dealing with any student problems, and the reports were perfect for evaluating the effectiveness of our programs.

Roger Roy, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Business

TWU's MBA program requirements are changing such that new student intakes will require either an undergraduate business degree or the successful completion of an appropriate business education leveling course that addresses business learning components as determined in courses that meet the ...

Dr. John H. Nugent
Associate Professor, School of Mana...