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An educational transition occurs when students advance in their career to the next higher level degree program. We offer several options to use with bridging the gap during these educational transitions: from associate to bachelors, from bachelors to masters, and from masters to doctoral. This is a module-based program that is entirely online and includes online instructional content and online testing. Each of these options allows the student to academically transition more effectively to the next higher level.

Academic Leveling Course Modules

There are 15 business modules and each module is a standalone course associated with a single core business topic. The module includes a 20-question pre-test, a online interactive educational session that reviews the foundational aspects of the topic along with interactive review questions, and a 20-question post-test that the student can use for course completion credit. The Academic Leveling Course Modules can be used as a prerequisite to a more advanced program of study.

The Academic Leveling Course Modules can also be used to assist students who are struggling with specific business topics. Students who do poorly on assessment exams can be directed to specific modules for additional, independent study.

The advantage of the Academic Leveling Course Modules is that you can truly customize the Academic Leveling course by selecting which of the online business modules to include in the overall course (15 modules from which to select). You can also have students go back and take and/or re-take specific modules.

All ALC options are cost-neutral because the students purchase the course materials. There are no other charges or fees for the school.

To learn more about our Academic Leveling Courses, please select an informational brochure below:

Academic Leveling Courses

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