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We offer online direct assessment services for program-level accountability based on the Common Professional Component (CPC) in business higher education. The CPC-based Comprehensive Exam (COMP) is an online student exam that measures learning outcomes at the program level. Students take the exam early in their academic program, usually within their first business course (inbound exam). Students take the same exam at the end of their program, usually just before graduation within their last course (outbound exam). The comparison in scores between the inbound exam and the outbound exam is used for internal benchmarking. The comparison of the outbound exam scores with the results from other universities is used for external benchmarking. Internal and external benchmarking from the CPC-based COMP exams satisfies many accreditation requirements.

In response to the increasing number of colleges and universities outside the US seeking US program accreditation, we have refined the service specifically for non-US universities. We removed any test questions unique to US business and translated the test banks into other languages. The result is a CPC-based COMP exam applicable to any business university. The test bank includes questions that are globally focused, representing the foundational knowledge areas of business education.

To learn more about our services for institutions outside of the US, please refer to the following informational brochures.

  Program Assessment for Universities Outside the US

  French Language Assessment Services

  Spanish Language Assessment Services

  Portuguese Language Assessment Services

  German Language Assessment Services

  Russian Language Assessment Services

  Mongolian Language Assessment Services

  For India B-Schools

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