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The Assessment Imperative

Key education stakeholders, including accreditation bodies, government regulators, and local interest groups, are all demanding more accountability in higher education. No longer can academic performance be based primarily on grades, graduation rates, or rankings. To close the quality loop, program-level assessments based on learning outcomes are needed to clearly demonstrate success and drive continuous improvement.

For example, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) both have specific assessment requirements for program dual-accreditation in business and accounting/finance education. Our exam services are approved by the IACBE and accepted by the ACBSP for these program-level assessment requirements.
Learn more about the ACBSP standards associated with Standard #4 for Associate Degree Programs.
Learn more about the ACBSP standards associated with Standard #4 for Baccalaureate-Graduate Degree Programs.
Learn more about the IACBE principles associated with Principle #1.

Online Exam Service Overview

We provide online direct assessment services for program-level accountability based on the Common Professional Component (CPC) in Business Higher Education. We also provide similar assessment services for Accounting/Finance Degree Programs, Public Administration Programs, and Early Childhood Education Programs.

Program-level assessment of learning outcomes is a requirement for accreditation. The CPC-based Comprehensive Exam (COMP) is an online student exam that measures learning outcomes and retained knowledge at the academic program level.

Students take the exam early in their academic program, usually within their first major course (Inbound Exam). Students then re-take the same exam at the end of their program (Outbound Exam), usually within their last course just before graduation.

The comparison in scores between the Inbound Exam and the Outbound Exam is used for internal benchmarking. The comparison of the Outbound Exam scores with the results from other universities, is used for external benchmarking.

Using our CPC-based COMP exams for internal and external benchmarking satisfies several accreditation requirements. Grades and rankings are not enough to demonstrate program accountability—you need an appropriate tool for program-level assessment.

To learn more about how our online exam services can assist you with program-level accreditation, please select any one of the following informational brochures.

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