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The strategic plan is the framework that brings together all the elements required for program-level accreditation. Yet, the strategic planning process for any organization can sometimes be daunting, challenging, and often very time consuming. After all, how do you:

  • Incorporate plans from the higher levels of the organization?
  • Integrate the myriad of programs into one comprehensive vision?
  • Separate what you control versus what you influence?
  • Distinguish between short-term and long-term goals and objectives?
  • Incorporate input from both internal and external stakeholders?
  • Develop a monitoring process that measures progress and helps you lead the effort?

This is where we can help. We have the experience and competency to facilitate for you a comprehensive strategic planning session that addresses these questions and others related to achieving your strategic vision and addressing accreditation needs.

The Value of a Facilitated Strategic Planning Session

If you have ever tried to simultaneously participate in and facilitate a strategic planning session with a group, then you know that these tasks are usually mutually exclusive. One cannot facilitate the effort while at the same time facilitate the team through the process. An outside facilitator, someone who is formally trained and experienced in the strategic planning process, is value-added to the process and often essential if you are going to address all of the requirements of Strategic Planning.

Putting Our Experience to Work For You

At Peregrine Leadership Institute, we have been facilitating strategic planning workshops for groups for nearly 10 years. Before that, each of us individually led planning sessions within our organizations, which include education, business, governmental, and nonprofit groups. Peregrine Leadership Institute (PLI) is a separate, sister-company with Peregrine Academic Services (PAS). The two companies have overlap in their ownership and management. The benefit to you is that we have BOTH the leadership and planning skills necessary to conduct a strategic planning session with you AND we have the background in accreditation and academia to ensure that the effort meets the requirements associated with Strategic Planning. An additional value-added aspect of this service is that we have the lessons learned to share from a wide diversity of experience and organizations.

To learn more about our Strategic Planning and Consulting Services, please review the following informational brochure:

Strategic Planning and Consulting Services

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