University of North Carolina Wilmington

The University of North Carolina, Wilmington (UNCW) is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). In addition, the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program is presently seeking Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) programmatic accreditation. 
CAHME is an international programmatic accreditor that establishes measurable criteria for excellence in graduate healthcare management education. They support, assist, and advise graduate programs which seek to meet or exceed the criteria and continuously improve.
Our goal in accreditation is that employers will find value in knowing you graduated from a university that uses the same standards as those used by businesses, health care providers, and others to recognize excellence. UNCW utilizes a student-centered teaching and learning approach, which is measured and analyzed for quality, will ensure that you gain the right practical application skills from your educational investment, and includes appropriate research for the given industry.

Accreditation reporting requires classroom learning be measured and analyzed. That means UNCW must measure and report learning progress of its students. One way to do this is to measure a student three times throughout their degree program: at the beginning, the middle, and the end.

For each assessment, your score will be compared externally with the scores of students from other accredited colleges and universities and internally within various contexts. Thus, we need you to take this assessment very seriously and for you to do your best in each assessment, as we believe you can score as high as, or better than, the students from other comparison schools. We want to be able to report that UNCW MHA students consistently score at the highest levels when their knowledge, skills, and abilities are assessed at regional, national, and international levels of comparison.

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